The hammer of high interest rates may never drop on struggling borrowers

What was supposed to be a march back to normalcy for interest rates began just about two years ago. Rates did grind a fair bit higher in the ensuing months, but we’re still nowhere near what would have been considered…

Can young adults afford houses and retirement? This calculator can help

Down payment or dream trip? What about retirement? If you’re entering the workforce and struggling to decide how you’ll meet competing financial goals, this calculator is here to help. Simply plug in your income and monthly living costs, and the…

Goodbye, variable-rate mortgage. Everyone’s going fixed these days, and for good reason

Only the most dedicated variable-rate mortgage fans are staying loyal today. Everyone else is moving over to fixed-rate five-year mortgages. Read MORE.

The problem with home equity lines of credit? Perma-debt

We need warnings labels for home equity lines of credit. HELOCs are like drugs – helpful to many and dangerous or even addictive to a significant minority. A  survey issued by the Financial Consumer Agency of Canada (FCAC) highlights the…

Get Into the Retirementality

My new podcast is called Looking Ahead: The  Retirementality. It’s available here starting Oct. 1.

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