Get Into the Retirementality

My new podcast is called Looking Ahead: The  Retirementality. It’s available here starting Oct. 1.

ETFs for Young and Old Investors

Join me at 9:15 am on Saturday, Sept. 15, for a presentation at the MoneyShow on in Toronto on ETFs for young and old investors. Help for investors who want to learn more about exchange-traded funds.

Gen X, Y and Z parents: Don’t make this boomer money mistake with your kids

The best financial support that parents can offer their children is a fully paid university or college education, not a house down payment. Read MORE…

Mortgage renewals in 2018: Prepare for nasty rate surprises

Years of falling interest rates in the aftermath of the 2008-09 financial crisis taught a generation of home buyers that renewing a mortgage is a chance to reduce your payments. Now, we’re heading into the first wave of post-crisis renewals…

How to avoid credit-card fees that are like a tax on travelling

The savvy traveller’s options for avoiding a hidden markup on credit-card purchases made outside Canada are about to shrink drastically. Most credit cards issued in Canada charge a 2.5-per-cent foreign-currency conversion fee when in foreign countries. The tiny group of…

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