Four big surprises that retirees will likely confront

Four big surprises in retirement: 1. How much you miss working 2. How much of a benefit you get from working in retirement 3. How much money you’re spending 4. How much of a burden it can be to manage…

Gen Y’s financial woes are now everyone’s problem

If you own a house, Generation Y’s financial problems are now your problems. Incomes for university grads have stagnated, and the impact can be seen in how the market for first-time home buying has weakened. Baby boomers, who will buy…

Try it: The Globe and Mail Downsize Your Home Worksheet

The Globe and Mail Downsize Your Home Worksheet is designed to help people think through some of the financial considerations involved in selling the family home and moving to something smaller. Sure, there are lifestyle factors in deciding when to…

Ultimate investor guide for Generation Y: Part 2

Lots of ideas here for young adults on what to invest in, plus where and how to do it. ICYMI, here’s Part One of the Ultimate Investor Guide for Gen Y.

He’s 26 with $32,000 in savings. Here’s how he did it

Meet a guy who’s addicted to saving. He’s a 26-year-old Ottawa resident by the name of Rob Nettleton and he’s an example not just to his fellow members of Generation Y, but to anyone who wants to save money but…

How parents can help their kids buy a house

In an extremely expensive housing market, extreme measures are needed to help young buyers. Here are some thoughts on how parents can help.

The costly TFSA blunder that people keep making

One of my most watched Carrick Talks Money videos of the past year. Give it a look to make sure you’re not making this mistake

Downsizing the family home? A plan to invest the proceeds carefully

Personal savings, pensions and government programs will be the foundation of your retirement income, not your house. Still, there is an opportunity to improve your financial position by downsizing your home in retirement and investing what’s left over.

Car-buying binge is killing our retirement savings

Cars are overtaking houses as the definitive symbol of our preference for spending over saving. We had both houses and cars going strong for a while there, kind of like a Batman and Robin superhero team of consumer spending. But…

Nine ways to power-save your way to a house down payment

Heroic savings measures are needed if you’re going to save for a first house in today’s expensive market. Here are some suggestions on how to power-save your way to a down payment.

Why I hate renegotiating my telecom package

One of life’s annoying financial rituals is renegotiating your cable TV, internet or cell phone contract. Read here about my adventures talking to both Rogers and Bell

Call your or email your investment adviser to set up a meeting to talk about fees, and then use this column as an agenda to guide your discussion.

While I’m generally against the idea of borrowing to invest, I have to admit there’s a case to be made for doing it if the stock market plunges.

Midyear checkup: Five questions to test your financial fitness

Here’s one final assignment before you head off on a summer vacation from the daily grind of time and money pressures. Take this midyear personal finance checkup in five parts:

Gen Y's financial disconnect

Young adults want the full package – careers, cars, houses and kids. But even into their early 30s, many depend on financial help from their parents. Some 30-somethings are even getting help paying their monthly bills. Read more.

Just over 42 per cent of Canada’s young people aged 20 to 29 lived at home with their parents, according to the latest census data. Can these members of Generation Y afford to move out on their own? This calculator…

The Real Life Ratio

In this Globe and Mail column, I introduce a new tool for helping people see if they can afford a house, as well as the other costs of everyday life. It’s called the Real Life Ratio and you can download…