Is your bank trying to upsell you? Here's what you should – and shouldn’t – buy

 A customer’s best defence against bank upselling is to know which sales pitches are worth listening to, and which to shut down. To help promote more informed banking, I created a guide to bank products.

The new way to tell if you’ve saved enough for retirement

 It’s called the living-standard replacement ratio, or LSRR. Think of it as a personalized way to measure how your lifestyle in retirement will differ from your working years. Read MORE

How inflation could hit your family budget in 2017

The national rate of inflation has been running in the low 1 per cent rate and in November came in at 1.2 per cent on a year-over-year basis. Inflation is near inconsequential when you measure it using the collection of…

The dark side of the housing boom

Rock-bottom interest rates have made big mortgages look less expensive, lighting a fire under house prices. But for many homeowners, when rates start rising, it won’t end well. Read MORE.

Why the Air Miles reversal is a bogus victory for the little guy

Everyone comes out of this story in worse shape – Air Miles itself, and its customers. Read MORE.

Have you saved enough for your health costs in retirement?

Figure on spending $2,700 a year on health care costs not covered by provincial plans, rising by 5 per cent annually. Read MORE.

Why Canada’s borrowing binge will end badly

It’s getting harder to see anything but a messy ending for Canada’s household debt binge. Read MORE…

The cost of getting older - higher expenses and being marginalized

Meet Harris Gulko, writer, painter and former professional fund raiser. He’s asking for  a little understanding for retirees like himself. Read MORE…

What’s ahead for mortgage rates in Canada? Watch the U.S. Fed

Our economy is weak and there’s zero chance of the Bank of Canada raising rates any time soon. But we’re not in total control of our interest-rate destiny. If rates in the United States rise in the months ahead, we…

One student's extreme cost cutting: 'Don’t buy clothing, don’t buy anything for a full year.'

A 21-year-old university student is taking on the consumer culture that turned back-to-school season into spend-o-rama. Jahnome McEwan plans to go through the entirety of 2017 without spending on anything but necessities and a dinner out now and then with…

How to build a $1-million TFSA

TFSAs are your ticket to a tax-free $1-million. A small number of investing pros have already built tax-free savings accounts worth roughly $1-million, but the TFSA program is too new for the average investor to be anywhere near that. Patience and…

A millennial’s guide to buying a house

Affordability is a setting sun for a lot of millennials in the Toronto and Vancouver housing markets, but I found one couple that can handle it. Looking at their story may help you decide if you’re in a position to…