How to build a $1-million TFSA

TFSAs are your ticket to a tax-free $1-million. A small number of investing pros have already built tax-free savings accounts worth roughly $1-million, but the TFSA program is too new for the average investor to be anywhere near that. Patience and…

A millennial’s guide to buying a house

Affordability is a setting sun for a lot of millennials in the Toronto and Vancouver housing markets, but I found one couple that can handle it. Looking at their story may help you decide if you’re in a position to…

Suburban living is more expensive than you may think

Commuting costs are huge, so think twice if you’re planning on buying a house in the suburbs to avoid high inner city house prices.  

The case for a 'TFSA-first' strategy in retirement planning

The more we get to know TFSAs, the more they demand attention as a vehicle for retirement saving. Get the lowdown here.

CARRICK ON MONEY: This is what millennials have been reduced to, and it’s just gross

Millennials, young adults in their 20s and early 30s, are ripping each other apart over who is truly suffering in today’s economy. Read more about this sad spectacle in the latest edition of my Carrick on Money e-mail newsletter.

The home ownership dream: It's the opium of the masses

One of the most revealing comments yet on Canada’s obsession with housing can be found in the budget speech given recently by the Finance Minister of British Columbia. “Is there anything more reflective of who we are as Canadians than the…

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The top reasons people fail with money

Financial planners and portfolio managers on the top reasons why people struggle with their finances.

Downsizing to a condo? Our calculator shows how little you’ll save

Condos are smaller than houses, but are they cheaper to live in? It’s commonly assumed they are, but this may not be the case. Use our worksheet to do a personal analysis of how monthly living costs in a condo…

Nine ways your family finances will change under a Liberal government

Here are nine things you need to know about how your personal finances will change under the new Liberal government.

The cost of aging - higher expenses and being marginalized by society

The recent news about improving the Canada Pension Plan for tomorrow’s retirees has Harris Gulko feeling a little put out. “There’s a lot of material being written about what is going to happen to people in the future, and there’s…